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Lakeside Little League 2014 All Star Teams

The Players, Parents, Managers, Coaches and Board of Directors would like to congratulate those that have been voted and selected to represent Lakeside in post-season competition:

Majors All Star Team

Manager:  Tom Northam
Coach:  Dan Bews
Coach:  Ryan Walling


Bear Bews, Aidan Rosenthal, Preston Lehman, Ryan Penkala, Spencer Griffiths, Drew Walling, Ty Peterson, Jacob Northam, Ethan Case, Matt Soran, Payton Wilkin, Robert Gillespy, TJ Patterson and Taitan Capel


10-11 All Star Team

Manager:  Brian Ernst

Coach:  Rich Doss
Coach:  Chad Dunmore


Max Ernst, Daniel Doss, Rylan Dunmore, Jeremy Kozlowski, Wyatte Farman, Luke Gini, Derek Schwarze, Stephen Stannard, Max Bartosh, Jared Miller, Trey Jacobi, Ryan Wenstrom and Kevin Heiskell

9-10 All Star Team

Manager:  Lance Soares
Coach:  Dave MacIntosh
Coach:  Tony Egan


Brandon Baker, Cole Christofferson, Cole Brommeland, Ryan Egan, Nick Grivette, Kevin MacIntosh, Dominic Soares, Dominic Houghton, Bennett Jones, Garrett Thrash, Cole Roth, Wiley Foster, Cole Marment & Hayden Ghufran